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Sunday, 3 March 2013

What are Domain Names ? And Best Domain Providers

Whenever we use internet, we have to enter the name of website in URL address bar. These names and address URL of website is a domain names. It is formed by the rules and procedures of domain name system. In other words any name register under Domain name services is a domain name. These domain names are register under the Registrar companies like BigRock, godaddy etc.

What is need of Domain names.?

Yes whole web world is totally depend on domain names because without domain name it not possible to serve any site. Without domain we will not able to open any page or file. Suppose without domain like, etc how we can open it. ? If there are no defined names of web pages how server and web Protocols open that particular Page or website. Many Times we find DNS error occur on our internet. This error may be because of domain name is not  parked on particular web page or many other reasons.

Domain name is a particular name which point out that particular site for which that domain name is used. Every web service need domain names while it is sub-Domain or Top level Domain (TLDs)  which includes and categorizes under  Generic Top-level domain (gTLDs) such as .Com, .Net, .org, .info etc. and  Country code Top-level Domain (ccTLDs) such as .in, .us, .it, .pk are some extensions.

For example,, are some most popular Top-level domain names.
We can also make sub-domain name of any Top-level domain name. while these sub-domain also use for many purpose of creating different web page from web page of TLD site. mostly every TLD domain use www as

While if we use TLD as sub-domain is like which is sub-domain of Every domain name can make many different sub-domains.

For example if you have domain like you can use this name of also in email as sub-domain of other sub-domain webpage.,,,, and more as you want.  
Many sites also providing users to make sub domain for there domain. Such as Blogger and WordPress are also provide users to create free blog which sub-domain of there site.
As like Safe Tricks is a blog under blogger and its original sub-domain address is
here safetricks is a sub-domain of blogspot but i am using my own custom domain so only custom domain is display in address bar.

Want To Buy Your Own Domain Name ?

Searching and finding perfect domain name is not so easy in these days. So before starting your website you need to buy any best domain name which suits your work. So don't be so late and don't others to buy your future domain name Just secure you prefect name right know from below best domain name providers
After you bought new domain net need hosting plan so if want to learn about hosting must check

What is Web Hosting Service ?
At last i think everyone who never think about domains after reading this article, they learn something new. To start your online business these basic things should be clear in mind. I hope you like this article and if you want give any suggestion or if you think that i am wrong at any part feel free to ask me in comment.

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