Install Alexa Toolbar And Status Bar For Better Alexa Performance.

As i already Discuss about the importance of alexa ranking. Alexa Ranking is really matters and it depends on various factors also. Alexa ranking is almost based on the Data collected by Toolbar and its status bar installed by their users. So i always recommend  you to install Alexa Toolbar and status for better alexa optimization.  If you have any website or blog which have good visitor flow then may be you are listed in alexa ranking. Alexa ranking is based on calculation of Three month traffic on your site. on that based you got ranking.
If you never here about alexa ranking then it is a right time to make some efforts for Seo performance of your site.  As i have already explain about Alexa working in detail and tips ton increase your ranking. So i don’t want to alexa those things again in this topic because this topic is part of that series so i recommend you read my whole Alexa series to understand alexa for better performance.

Part 1:- What is Alexa Ranking ? And Some Tips To Improve It.

Part 2:- How To claim or Verify Your Site in Alexa.

Part 3:- Tips To Increase your Alexa Ranking Faster.

Now Here i want to explain the Part 4 of this series about the importance of Alexa Toolbar and status for better performance. To Install Alexa Toolbar and Status Simple Download both from below links

Features Of Alexa Toolbar

Alexa Toolbar have many different features which helps you for better Experience about information of any website. The Alexa toolbar features are:-

Alexa Ranking:- When ever you visit any website or blog alexa ranking automatically updates and you can see how much site is popular and you can observe its ranking Globally and also for specific country.

Related Links:-  If you open any Search engine or any social media site then related links show the similar sites to those site which may visit or may not.

Wayback:- This feature is really amazing to see any website or blog to see how it was looked in past.

Website Review:- If you like any popular site then you can also leave your review and comment about your experience on that site. You can also see reviews of other peoples, about how they thought and feel.

Hot Pages:- This feature helps you to see popular pages regularly. This helps you to make keep in touch about what is happening on web.

Alexa Toolbar


There are some features also on Alexa toolbar like some icons for Facebook, Gmail, twitter for instant access.

On the behalf of above features i recommend you to install alexa toolbar if you want then


Download alexa toolbar

Features of Alexa Status Bar

This is small trend graph to see rough ups and down in the traffic and alexa ranking based on six month. Alexa status bar show graph which is based on last six month traffic with alexa ranking so i also recommend you to install status bar also


install alexa status bar

I hope these small efforts and tips really helps you for better alexa performance for your site. if you enjoy our article and learn something then must share it on your your networks.
If you have any kind of problem regarding this topic feel free to share your comment. I like to see your views and valuable experience about us.