How To Increase Your Alexa Ranking Faster

Alexa is Leading and Biggest Platform of Web Analytic and Web Metrics. As I have Already Discuss In my earlier post about Alexa ranking and its importance. Alexa is very important method or You can also say it as best tool to measure your site popularity in Global, Local and other countries. Alexa is also important to observe Seo Performance of your site. Your can also use Seo Services offers buy Alexa. If your Don’t have deep knowledge about Alexa then i suggest you read my article about the working of Alexa

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But the main reason is how to Improve your alexa ranking. It is not too difficult to get better ranking. You have to concentrate on some factors on which alexa ranking and its performance depend. So I will Try to discuss all the Important factor which effectively help you for a better alexa performance. Simple Follow the Below Mention steps about increasing alexa ranking faster.
If you don’t Know how to check Alexa ranking then Simply Remove below MySiteRank with your site domain


 Verify your site Authorship

If you have any website or Blog. Then the first step you have to do is Add or Claim your site in alexa ranking. It is important because after claiming your site, it performs better as compare to without verifying authorship. After Verification you can see you Seo and Keyword Performance deeply. You can also observe your ranking performance in specific regions and country. If you already verified your site then it is good but if your Don’t know how to Add your site in Alexa then
So for better Alexa Performance don’t forget your site to verify it because claiming is better than leaving it.

Install Alexa Toolbar and Status Bar

It is also a best Technique to observe your Site Permanence as well as it helps you to increase better alexa ranking effectively. Alexa Ranking Totally calculated on the bases of alexa toolbar. All the data is calculated on bases of the all toolbar users around the world who installed alexa toolbar. Alexa Toolbar provides feature which helps for better site performance. Alexa Toolbar is also easy way to see latest ranking, Related links, wayback feature to see old site look, Total review and much more features.



Put Alexa Widget On Your Site

alexa site widget
After Adding your site in Alexa Ranking and After installing Alexa Toolbar and status. Another Step you have to do is to publish alexa widget on your site. Their are many different available size available for alexa widget you can choose any size which you want and feel better. As you can see i has also publish alexa widget on right sidebar on my blog.

Quality Posting

To make your better position in alexa ranking it is very important that your site always should be up to date. Try to do posting on your blog or site regularly. Always wright relevant and niche content articles. This will increase your users experience towards your site because it is important if you have daily good site readers then no one can stop your alexa ranking to attain better position but to increase your users positive experience towards your site, your site should have richful and meaningful content. Try to write articles itself and try to explain in brief. If your site contain good content then its also increase you seo performance.


Improve Your SEO Performance

Try to increase your site traffic from search engines because alexa ranking is also based on your site Seo performance. If your site have good organic traffic then your alexa ranking show positive results. If your site have good seo performance then it is good but if your don’t know more about seo then i suggest you to increase your knowledge about seo and try to use some best Seo techniques.
Alexa Search queries

Increase Your Site Traffic

Good Traffic means good ranking but it don’t mean that other alexa ranking factors are not important. All the methods are important but traffic plays important role in better ranking. Try to increase organic traffic. If your site seo performance is better then try more best ways to increase traffic from search engines. Also share your articles on  Facebook Digg, Pinterest, StumbleUpon and other social media sites and directories. This will also increase your site traffic. Also try to do guest posting on others blogs and ask others bloggers to do also. This will helps you to increase site traffic and definitely you will get higher rank within few months. Try to increase your site traffic from USA, Canada, UK this countries also have some good effect on ranking.

Increase Your Reputation Links

Reputation links means how many numbers of sites are back linking to your site. Try to increase your site back links by leaving comments on other website or blogs which are popular and relevant to your content also. Try to leave your site link with no-follow or do-follow which you want. But keep in mind that backlinks should be leave on niche sites. If you have Bad linking this will have some bad effects in ranking and seo performance also.

Increase Site Reviews On Alexa

This is very important method to show your site popularity in alexa. Try to increase your alexa reviews ask your site users to leave reviews and comment on your ranking audit. It is better to encourage your site traffic to also rate your site on alexa to show what is their experience from your site or blog.
Alexa Summary
All the above mention methods are simple and easy to do. These step effectively help you for better alexa performance in low visitors also. I try to discuss all the safest ways to improve your alexa performance. It is important to increase alexa performance to attract advertiser and increase your earnings.
Note:- Don’t use or buy any plan from other site which offers you to increase your alexa at high rate because it is not easy to gain better alexa without any hard work. So try to understand yourself for good results.
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  1. I don`t get it why people are so obsessed with Alexa ranking… At the end of the day it doesn`t really mean anything, I`ve seen a ton of crappy sites with little to no traffic but good Alexa rankings.