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Wednesday, 20 August 2014

AskMe - Download An Amazing Multitasking Android App baap of all apps
The emergent of latest technology and devices, have increased the demand of apps on the smart devices. ASKME is one among the newest and greatest app available for the android device. This android app is the highly beneficial and amazing app introduced by the company Getit Infoservices Pvt Ltd. The app boats excellent features which makes the browsing and searching task of varied things much simpler then ever imagined. An informative app ASKME brings the information from varied regions across the world at one place for you. All android users can be benefited to a greater extent from this app;the app can be downloaded for free.

Features and Benefits of ASKME App

ASKME app is undeniably, the quickest search filter that offers you every detail of various business and company based near your location. Great deals are offered at excellent prices to you personally. You can get every minute details of the local businesses contact information. You will get info regarding the Latest classifieds on cars, mobile, housing, jobs and more. The app lets you add reviews, tips, photos for your favorite business; you can even create your own listings of all your favorite local business. You can determine the good business in your area by reading reviews. Furthermore, you can share your favorite business information with your friends through SMS, Facebook, email and Twitter as well. The app offers additional business information such as payment methods;opening hours and ratings to aid make your choice simpler and easier.

You can factually receive maximum satisfaction and benefit by using this application. It has been exclusively designed to offer convenience to its users. The app does not require much of your smartphone’s hard disk space. It easily and simply takes the search inputs from the users and provides the results instantly. The app is for sure available to save much of your time and makes browsing quick and easy. The app is increasingly becoming best substitute to traditional search engine. The app has designed outstandingly to make it much useful and alluring to the operators. User friendly interface is one of its key features. Android users can easily download ASKME app for free for their device from Google play. Use this free and beneficial android app to search for places to shop, eat, relax and lots more. Searching for businesses in your area is made much simple and easy with this app. Make use of this app to make your browsing and searching task easier and quicker.

Monday, 11 August 2014

Risks of Using Facebook Auto Likers at Status and Photos of Profile

Facebook is best place for connecting with people. We use Facebook daily to do chatting, calling, sharing Status and Photos which we find interesting. Facebook having lots of entertaining features which create addition. As a normal Facebook user only have around 100-500 friends in there friend list. So we share our thoughts and other day to day moments. but according to Facebook algorithm we only receives around 10-50 likes not for all just Facebook applied a reach limits at all profiles and pages. So it really embarrassing movement when we didn't get likes and comments on our status.
Due to of all these conditions Facebook users start using new method which is known as Auto Likes. They use these auto likers through any website and get hundreds and thousands of likes at their Status and Photos. They use this technique just to attract others by showing too many likes.
facebook auto like risks

What are Auto Likers and How it works ?

Facebook Autolikers are best way to get automatic likes at status and profiles. Facebook Autolikers are websites which collection personal data through token number. Then this collected data is used to generate auto likes. Now the question how they are collecting data. Whenever someone use these auto likers then these sites access their token number to make likes just like if 10 person use any autoliker then they have 10 collected likes. Now if someone use same autoliker then they will get 10 likes on his/her status. In the same total likes increase day by day within increase of their users.Only way to find total likes available is just depend on how many user already used it to get likes. There are many website who offer auto likes in which they need your token number to get access into your account and then they need status id or photo id where want to show fake likes. 

Is Auto Likers are Harmful or Not ?

According to Facebook is totally a spam and totally a risky process. Using any Auto liker may results your account disabled or Facebook may apply few restriction on Account. These auto likers may result your account compromised because all the website need token number which means you are providing all the privileges to that application which you use to generate token number. According to Facebook Access Token number it works like an account Passwords. So Any service which need To Token of account may harm your personal information. For more details search at Facebook help center about Access Token
facebook autolikers using risk

Few Suggestions About Using Facebook Auto Likers

  • Never use Auto Like services from your original Account.
  • Auto Likers need Access Token Number which works like a password. So using it through your personal account may result account compromised.
  • Getting Auto likes on Status or Photo is also against Facebook usage terms. So Facebook may apply restriction on Liking and commenting and results into account disable. 
So i hope this tutorial is helpful for you make clear all the facts about Facebook auto likes. I know you want to likes but i suggest you that always use autolikers with precautions.



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