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Sunday, 2 August 2015

Best Android Bluetooth File Transfer Apps
Android devices are popular in market and among the youngsters because they are cheaper in cost as compared to IOS devices. Android devices are widely used today because of its amazing features like IPS HD display, full touch support, high quality camera, Large RAM and High speed CPUs, large storage, fast internet and easy to use interface. Android devices can store large amount of data. Latest Android devices storage space can expanded with help of SD card. Some time we need to transfer large amount of data between Android devices related to our work or large games etc. One option is to use the WiFi direct feature to transfer large amount of data between Android devices. But some older version of Android devices do not support this features. Then the possible way is to use pc for data transfer. As i have already explained the way to transfer data from android to pc through WiFi. But all these are time consuming and some situation we do not have any possible way to use WiFi connection data transfer. In that situation we only rest with Bluetooth option. No doubt normal Bluetooth transfer speed is slow. So we need to use the Bluetooth android apps to transfer files which will increase the speed of our data transfer. So today we are going to discuss about the best Bluetooth file transfer Apps for Android with a brief description of each. 

Best Bluetooth File Transfer Apps For Android.

1. Bluetooth File Transfer

Android Bluetooth File Transfer appBluetooth file transfer is one of the popular Android Bluetooth file transfer App which is available on Google play store for free. We can manage our phone files using its files manager. Using this App we can select multiple files to send. It uses the FTP protocol to transfer the files. It is compatible with all the Android versions. You can also view the received file using this App. Approximately 10 million people install this App.

2. Bluetooth File Share

Android Bluetooth File Share appBluetooth file share is another popular Android Bluetooth file sharing App. It is also available on Google play store for free. It can be used to share Audio, video, photos, apps etc. This app also arrange all the files category wise. We can also share Application via social media like Gmail, FB etc. It can also backup the application installed on our phone. It can also share contacts and provide support for dropbox. Approximately 500k people install this App.

3. Astro Bluetooth Module

Android Astro Bluetooth Module appAstro Bluetooth module is another file transfer App using Bluetooth which is available on Google Play store for free. It provide simple and easy to use interface. We can backup our installed App using its backup feature. It uses the FTP protocol to transfer files. It also provide its inbuilt file manager to manage our device files and folder. It also provide a task killer to mange various tasks. Approximately 5 million people install this App.

4. Bluetooth App Sender

Android Bluetooth App Sender appBluetooth App sender is specially designed to send our installed App and apk files with the help of Bluetooth. It is available on Google Playstore for free. It also allow you to Backup your Apps. It also allow you to share your apps to social networking sites like G-mail and Facebook. It is a light weight App which provide easy to use interface. Approximately 1 million user install this App.

5. Shake File Transfer

android Shake File Transfer appShake File Transfer is most popular Android App which is available on Google Play store for free. This app arrange all the files in category wise. We do not need to manually enable the Bluetooth this App take control over Bluetooth and we can enable or disable Bluetooth through this app. We can launch the App by shaking our phone and simply touch the icon. This app can increase the speed of transfer two times than normal speed. Approximately 10 thousand user install this App.

6. Best Bluetooth File Transfer

Android Best Bluetooth File Transfer appIt is another android Bluetooth file transfer App which is also available for free on Google Play store. This app is simple to use and provide attractive user interface. It is compatible with all Android devices. With the help of this App you can send multiple files to the selected users and also create a backup of installed app to send it to other user or install it later to escape from re download it. Approximately 10 thousand user install this App.
Above given are few best android apps to transfer data with Bluetooth. I hope you like them all don't forget to share it with others.

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

How To Use Whatsapp Without Mobile Number
Whatsapp is a very popular messenger app these days.  Because of the popularity of Android phones and iPhone. Using whatsapp we can keep in touch with our friends and relatives. We can also make different groups in whatsapp to share different things among different kinds of people. Using whatsapp we share images, audio, video etc with our friends. Whatsapp become commonly used app by all different age groups. We its really easy to use whatsapp on smartphone. Because its really easy to handle whatsapp and to understand its features. But we should be aware of some important features and settings about whatsapp. As we use whatsapp on our smartphone. No doubt smartphone is personal device but our friends and family can easily access. Sometimes by mistake they format smartphone data. In that situation our whatsapp data also got erase. So you can easily recover delete whatsapp messages by following few steps. Even is little bit privacy issues regarding whatsapp like we view images and videos on whatsapp they got download in phone memory first then display. I already post about how to hide whatsapp images and videos from gallery.  
 Their are multiple tricks and tips for whatsapp. But from all them one of the best famous trick that i like most is to create a whatsapp account without any number. As anyone can easily view whatsapp id if one having number. So if you really suffering from this and want to use whatsapp anonymously. Then you do not worry because in article we are going to explain about how to use whatsapp without any number.

Method To Use whatsapp Without Mobile Number.

Step 1. Firstly you have to download whatsapp messenger in your Android device and install and launch it.

Step 2. If you are old whatsapp user then you have to delete your whatsapp account and download and install whatsapp again.

Step 3. Next step is enter your name and verify your mobile number. But you do not enter your mobile number now.

Step 4. Then we have to verify your mobile number with another way. Download Text+ App in your mobile to verify your mobile number.
Step 5. After launching text + App you have to open the App and go to settings and select contacts.
android text+ app to use whatsapp without number
Step 6. You will get a number for your personal use in the app. Copy that number or write it .

Step 7. Now open your whatsapp messenger and paste the number that you get from the text + App.
android text+ phone number list to use whatsapp
Step 8. Click on continue button now you will get a verification code in Text+ app.

Step 9. Get this code and verify your account. Now your whatsapp account is ready without any number.
add new unknown number to whatsapp without number
I hope you like this tutorial about using whatsapp without number. In case you face any problem regarding this topic please let us know in below comments.

Sunday, 19 July 2015

MoboMarket For PC Review
In today's world almost every person owns a smartphone as they are also available now for cheap rates. With the talk about smartphones, there come smartphone managers too. Smartphone managers are software applications that help you in managing different types of files and other apps on your smartphone/android device. There was a big player of this game, named MoboRobo which was the most popular smartphone manager app since 2012. With over millions of users around the world MoboRobo had a very user friendly interface along with powerful features and high quality in-app online resources.
Fortunately, their developer team have made some great and positive changes in their app and made a newer version of MoboRobo named MoboMarket. Here in this post I am going to introduce you with this amazing smartphone manager app named MoboMarket. The most amazing thing about this app is that you can easily download and use it quickly with easy to understand features.

Interface And Features Of MoboMarket:

Let’s talk about the interface of the application first. When a user downloads or installs something on his system he expects a good user interface too. So keeping that in mind, MoboMarket developers have made the user interface of this manage simple, yet full featured.

User interface is the only big difference between MoboRobo and MoboMarket- A first time user can road around it without any assistance. As you can see while using the app manager, MoboMarket allows you to connect your mobile device either via USB cable or by using Wi-Fi connection. This is one of the best features a smartphone manager can offer.

If you are in hurry and don't have a USB cable, you can use Wi-Fi connection to sync and manage mobile device with desktop or laptop system.

Features Of MoboMarket:

iOS manager: MoboMarket is featured with brand new iOS manager, which supports both jail break and non-jail break devices. All you need is to upgrade your iOS device to iOS 8.3 or higher to use it. With MoboMarket, you can manage your games, Apps, music, files and backups all in one place.You can download and install unlimited number of apps to your android or iOS mobile using MoboMarket resources tab.

Applications: As you can see in your screen, there are a good number of apps listed in the resources tab of this app. There is a device manager in MoboMarket from where you can get information about your connected device.
MoboMarket For PC Review apps
Easy To Understand: In the devices tab you can see operating system version, device storage, serial number and other hardware and software information. Device tab itself gives ability to check installed and system applications. Apps can be updated too.

Messaging: There is a text message controller in it which allows you to receive and send text messages right from your desktop or laptop system. If you need, you can read current text messages of the devices too.

Media: Just after device tab, there is another tab named Media in it which allows you to control media files of your phone and sync them with your desktop or laptop system. MoboMarket have an in-built media player, which allows you play music of your choice on desktop computer. You can sync, play, add and delete music files using MoboMarket media tab.
MoboMarket For PC Review devices
Resource: Next is the resources tab, which allows you to download and install new apps and games to your mobile devices without visiting any third party websites or apps. When you will visit the resources tab of MoboMarket, you will be welcomes with the home tab which will show you all featured as well as daily recommended apps. You can browse through their huge list of apps and games and install them on your mobile device for free.

Toolbox: Last, but not the least, there comes Toolbox tab which have all necessary features and options you need to manage you mobile device.
MoboMarket For PC installed apps
Better user experience: You can view your mobile in full screen and enjoy WhatsApp chatting in a big screen. Everything you will do on your mobile device will be visible on your desktop or laptop screen in real time. So it is fun and helpful. You can take your device and restore it back using toolbox tab of MoboMarket.

New Features: 

  • Along with new iOS manager, MoboMarket have improved android manager too.
  • They have strengthened android device connection and file management experience.
  • MoboMarket for PC version of android have green color skin which really looks good and it eye catching.
  • MoboMarket have also added an auto upgrade mechanism into it which automatically upgrades your android smartphone drivers when you connect it.
  • Bug fixed successfully, which will help in using application without any issue.
MoboMarket For PC device


I hope this information about MoboMarket will help you in deciding which smartphone manager app you should use. MoboMarket is ultimately a great app one can have to manage and backup smartphones. This application is still in developing mode, still it offers some advanced features. There are many alternatives available of MoboMarket, but frankly speaking, there is not a single competitor of it. If you have used MoboMarket or currently using it, then do share your views with us.

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