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Sunday, 24 August 2014

Infolinks Review - Online Advertising And Publisher Monetizing Network

Infolinks is top most In-text based online Advertising network. Infolinks is one of the largest Advertising platform for both parties Advertiser and Publisher. Whenever we talk about online advertising network including Adsense, Yahoo Bing Network then the most trusted name which comes out is only Infolinks. Whether Adsense, all these network are of big Famous Incs but Infolinks is only which makes their own place between all of them which is absolutely a great achievement. Factors which act like a success key for Infolinks is there new way of Advertising on websites. It also work like best alternative with other ad networks because its totally advertise with different concept. We use advertisement which are of Banner or Pop up but using more banner need space but infolinks developed keyword based advertising technique which is easiest and best way. So today i will explain some fact and ideas about infolinks and i will try my best to explain working of infolinks and how it will be helpful for webmasters for monetizing.
infolinks icon review

Infolinks Advertising Network Review

Infolinks is online advertising network for both Advertiser and Publisher. There are many Brand, companies who invest in Infolinks advertising platform just because of their Advance digital marketing technique. In Infolinks Advertiser can easily create their campaign in Self-serve marketplace. If your business is just in the starting period and you don't have big budget for advertising in Adwords then Infolinks is best option for you to get genuine traffic for conversion. Infolinks having number of benefits as compare to other advertising platform. Now in these days Normal user can easily judge between normal site content and advertisement. So CTR ratio for Banner ads become lesser as compare to keyword based advertising. Some best techniques adopted by infolinks are

  • Infolinks provide In-text based keyword advertisement means ads will be shown according to relevant content and also having much higher CTR as compare to Banner ads. Infolinks best place to overcome Banner Blindness.
  • Infolinks is Four largest Marketplace in the World with 100k+ websites and blogs from 128+ countries.
  • Higher conversion rate just because of using various technique of advertising like in-text, in-tag, in-frame.
To Join Advertisement platform visit  Infolinks here.

Make Money From Infolinks Publisher ?

Infolinks is Self-served marketplace so many big brand and companies are investing in infolinks ads with good budget and offer good rates. If you are a webmaster and having blogs or website which generate good amount of traffic then infolinks is also a best choice. Many publishers many think that they are are using other ads  platform for monetizing and already having many banners within their pages and can infolinks complete with them? or infolinks hurts your current banner rates of adsense?. No, infolinks totally adsense friendly platform and infolinks work like an best alternative with banner ads for earning extra revenue because infolinks serves ads in different way.

Reasons Why to Choose Infolinks ?

Infolinks Approval process much easier than other publisher platforms. If your blog is good and receives few impressions. Then you will get approval in publisher platform. Only few sites which does not matches with program policies got rejected.

Infolinks work as best alternative for Banner Ads platform like Google Adsense or Yahoo Ads. Just because they offer Keyword based ads in various format of in-text, in-tag, in-frame or in-fold. All these format cover much lesser space as compare to banner based advertisement. Infolinks serves GEO targeted based ads.

Infolinks serves ad in eCPM technique which is formed with combination of CPC and CPM. They offer good rates for eCPM if your blog is based on good Niche and having good traffic.

To Join  Publisher platform visit Infolinks here.

Here is example of all ad format display on web page. This includes all format but you can use according to your requirement.
infolinks ads format
Many users are disappointed with other platforms like Adsense because of the hard policies. So they just leave our their platform with using other best alternative platforms. I always recommend to my readers always use infolinks if you are not using any big publisher platform like adsense, BSA then Infolinks is best choice for you and if you are already using big networks then also use infolinks with them for extra revenue.

So what you say about infolinks ? and must share your experience in below comments.

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

AskMe - Download An Amazing Multitasking Android App baap of all apps
The emergent of latest technology and devices, have increased the demand of apps on the smart devices. ASKME is one among the newest and greatest app available for the android device. This android app is the highly beneficial and amazing app introduced by the company Getit Infoservices Pvt Ltd. The app boats excellent features which makes the browsing and searching task of varied things much simpler then ever imagined. An informative app ASKME brings the information from varied regions across the world at one place for you. All android users can be benefited to a greater extent from this app;the app can be downloaded for free.

Features and Benefits of ASKME App

ASKME app is undeniably, the quickest search filter that offers you every detail of various business and company based near your location. Great deals are offered at excellent prices to you personally. You can get every minute details of the local businesses contact information. You will get info regarding the Latest classifieds on cars, mobile, housing, jobs and more. The app lets you add reviews, tips, photos for your favorite business; you can even create your own listings of all your favorite local business. You can determine the good business in your area by reading reviews. Furthermore, you can share your favorite business information with your friends through SMS, Facebook, email and Twitter as well. The app offers additional business information such as payment methods;opening hours and ratings to aid make your choice simpler and easier.

You can factually receive maximum satisfaction and benefit by using this application. It has been exclusively designed to offer convenience to its users. The app does not require much of your smartphone’s hard disk space. It easily and simply takes the search inputs from the users and provides the results instantly. The app is for sure available to save much of your time and makes browsing quick and easy. The app is increasingly becoming best substitute to traditional search engine. The app has designed outstandingly to make it much useful and alluring to the operators. User friendly interface is one of its key features. Android users can easily download ASKME app for free for their device from Google play. Use this free and beneficial android app to search for places to shop, eat, relax and lots more. Searching for businesses in your area is made much simple and easy with this app. Make use of this app to make your browsing and searching task easier and quicker.



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