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Saturday, 18 October 2014

Hetman Partition Recovery Review: Recover Deleted Partitions

Hetman Partition Recovery Review
In today’s world, most of the data that we store in our computers are sensitive and are most of the time extremely crucial for business or personal use. It is important that we know how and where to save these files as even a minor blip can cause all of the data to get deleted and set you back months or even years in data.
Backing up is important, but at times when it is not possible to access data that is created, it is important to recover it, and with Hetman Partition Recovery, you can regain the lost data with the help of this software.Backing up your data ensures it immunity from viruses and other malware that could affect the data. But invariably there are times when due to the time constraints, backing up can become an issue. It is over here that recovering files plays an important role. Hetman Partition Recovery helps businesses or individuals recover data.
The data that gets deleted does not disappear permanently and gets stored in the Master Boot Record of the computer. It is here that the data remains until it is replaced by other meaningful data.

How to use Hetman Partition Recovery? 

For many, software like Hetman Partition Recovery comes as a boon. It helps in recovering data that is lost, deleted or formatted in the partitions on the hard drive.
Hetman Partition Recovery Review
The software works by scanning and searching lost partitions as well as data that can be recovered in time, making it doubly beneficial. Also, previous volumes are also recovered. The best part about the recovered data is that it comes back in the exact form and the whole setup is very user-friendly with the do-it-yourself wizard allowing users to follow the simple steps that come along with it.

Hetman Main Features 

By clicking on the “Recover” button, the software runs a scan and searches for the document or set of files that is to be recovered. Once users enter the right name of the file on the search bar, it makes a comprehensive search of all of the files that might have been saved onto the Master Boot Recovery.
Hetman Partition Recovery Review
If you want to recover partitions also, the software allows you to do so. All users have to do is click on the “Find Partitions” option that is available in the bottom of the screen which makes it easier to recover the partitions that are lost due to viruses or mishandling of the computer.

There are two types of recovery methods that can be used to regain the data from the computer. One is the Quick Scan and the other is Full Analysis.

What the quick scan does is make a real fast analysis and display snapshots of the files that have been deleted off the computer and gives a preview pane with which users can restore files almost immediately.
Hetman Partition Recovery Review
Full Analysis does a comprehensive search of the data especially from files that are logically corrupted or damaged to be recovered easily, especially from partitions or removable media devices.Users can stop scanning once they feel they are satisfied with the files that have been recovered.The same sort of recovery option can be used to perform recovery and regain data from other devices like SSD, removable data and internal or external hard drive. The software is supported on various platforms like Windows 7, Windows 8 as well as Microsoft Vista.

Take a Look on How-to-use guide :

Overall Review: The Hetman Partition Recovery is overall very versatile software that allows you to recover formatted files, “permanently deleted” files, information from malware attacks, system failures as well as corrupted media.

Hetman Partition download

Since it also helps in recovering and restoring lost partitions, the software advantageous in more than one way and with the very easy-to-use instructions and wizard along with the efficiency with which the software recovers the files, it is pretty useful and great must-have software in your collection that could come to use in times of need.

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

MoboMarket V3.0 Review: Best Solution For All Android App Remedies

MoboMarket is a third-party Android app that has got many apps that would be not present on the Google Play store. The only thing that you have to take care is of the fact that you double check the apps that you are going to download. This app is developed by and recently its V3.0 released which have great features and also released with improved Geo Locations and App recommendations.
 MoboRobo review android app
Other than apps, you also can download various themes and wallpapers that would need another app to install as they are not hosted by Google. With this app, you can also easily get to know about the top trending apps in your nearby area. This feature is powered by the advance geo location based service that is added to this app.

Latest Developments 

This year has been very special for the app, because of two reasons, one being the fact that it has completed 2 years of success after its initial launch and also because of the lunch of the latest version that is the MoboMarket 3.0. In the recent launch, you will get to use a brand new user interface that offers you a much smoother and intuitive user experience. In two years of its operations, MoboMarket has achieved certain milestones like it has now got a 100 million users worldwide, the daily distribution has reached over 40 million, the number of daily active users is 5 million, and now the apps cover, North America, South East Asia, Middle East, North Africa.
MoboRobo features
With this app, the android app developers also have their work cut-up to a great extent. They can now easily update their apps, and then leave everything to the MoboMarket team. The app will take proper care of the app that you have developed and will also make sure of the fact that proper type of clientele reaches your app.

Things that are different from Google Play store

The user interest based suggestions along with the recommendation system has also improved vastly. Many other features are also included in the app user interface. This app can act as a memory optimizer that kills processes and also boosting your RAM at the same time. This app also provides you with options to move the apps that have been installed on the internal memory to the SD card with great ease. Other than this, there is also an android cleaner that helps in clearing off the android file system of any junk files that are not used. 
MoboRobo apps
Another role that this app is able to fit perfectly into is the Google play store for those versions of the android OS that doesn’t support it. MoboMarket is the same for all types of android devices be it as old as android 1.6. It has been observed that certain Chinese devices that are not having Google Play. To get this app on your smartphone, you will have to go to the website and download and install the .apk file. To get the best out of this app, a Wi-Fi connection is a must. This app will automatically notify of newer versions of the app as the updates are made available.

moborobo download button

What more!

MoboRobo QR code
For people who are looking to make money out of selling their apps, this app is an amazing platform. Not only does it allow your app to go live in a hassle free manner, it also takes the responsibility of promotions in its own hands. What not, you can also join the MoboMarket promoters program and earn money by doing simple promotions of the apps. This program is just as an added income to what you are already earning and the time and work flexibility is just awesome and is sure to best suit your needs.


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