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Sunday, 16 November 2014

Movavi Review: The Best Multimedia Software

Movavi Video Suite is one of the best multimedia software, which have editor, player and convertor in it. This software is good with both Windows and Mac. Movavi Video Suite is software that offers 8 resources inside 1 single package. They contain video alteration, creating slideshows, accessing on-line movies, edit videos, splitting and joining, burning DVDs, video transferring, and playback.
Movavi Video Suite
This program has 3D support which is pretty surprising. Movavi Video Suite really shines when it comes to converting file formats and device comparability. It supports more than 200 mobile devices right out of the box. This could be a great feature if you often shoot videos with your tablet or smartphone.

Features Movavi Multimedia Software Offers

Convert Video, DVD and Audio – This is one of the best features Movavi Video Suite has. It supports more than 200 files types of video, images and audio, which includes DVD and CD. You can save your files into more than 200 file formats too. If you want to get a preview of the edited video before saving, then you can use Watch Folder to automate the conversion of new media files which appears on your system.
Movavi Video Suite
Experience 3D – 3D movies and videos are trending now a days, I have seen many people uploading their own 3D video. You too had watched many movies in 3D. Right? I thought how one can make his personal video 3D even if he doesn’t have any 3D camera. Answer is Movavi Video Suite. You can convert any 2D movie into 3D with this amazing movie maker and editor.

Media Player – In Movavi Video Suite you will find an inbuilt universal player which is able to play almost all types of Audios and Videos Files. You can play both the converted files and source files. This feature becomes very useful when you want to check the output of your converted video.
Movavi Video Suite
Easy To Use Interface – Movavi Video Suite has well-organized and designed user interface so it is not all complicated to use if you are using it for the first time. On the main screen, there are large buttons with their labels, so you are not going too confused about what a specific button do.
Making a movie with this software is easy; you can turn any of your audio or video into clips. You can make them even more creative and beautiful by adding voice overs as well as a video commentary. For those who often upload videos to YouTube, this software is very much helpful as they can edit their videos into it and can directly upload them to YouTube or Facebook with few clicks. Personally I had used this tool and I am very much satisfied with it. Frankly speaking, I had never opened the help menu, because getting your work done on this software is so easy.

Final Words

Movavi Video Suite contains an easy to understand user interface and it is also ideal for making lovely slide shows if you want. The user interface of Movavi Video Suite is simply awesome not just because of its simple and sleek design but also because of its features and large buttons that directly indicate what task they perform. Considering its features, all I can say about this software is that it is one of the most useful and handy software I had ever seen. Everything in this software is quite unique and different from other multimedia software’s.

Monday, 10 November 2014

Tsu Review - Social Media Network To Make Money

Social Networking platforms are playing vital role for the growth  of internet. As we use Facebook, Twitter, G+ and even a mobile apps like Whatsapp and Line just because to communicate with our friends, family and to make new online friends. As the Facebook is a giant of social media and have millions of daily users who make posts, likes, shares. No doubt we learn something new and even Facebook is fastest way to spread any news and message around the world. But the question is what is our benefit in doing all this. A normal user spend 2,3 hours daily to use Facebook and on other also. But have to think about earning money from every likes, shares and comments ?? But now its time to step forward towards something new which help to make money from all these activities.
Tsu is new social networking site where you earn money for doing same activities as we done on Facebook but the main difference is we earn revenue from it. Means for every shares, likes,  comments, followers and friends we make on tsu it will generate money.

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How To Join Tsu Social Network ?

Tsu is newly start social media website but growing at faster rate. Tsu become popular in USA, Canada and many other countries within single month. Now Tsu starts its growth magic in India. Tsu achieve higher Alexa ranking within a single month. Approx Tsu starts in the month of Oct and you can easy checkout its Alexa ranking which shows you the growth graph and ranking which is totally amazing. 

To join Tsu you need any referrer. So if you want to join follow any below given links


  • If you visit directly then to do signup they will ask you for member code just enter below username.
  • Use SafeTricks OR PahulSingh and then click on Sign up button.
  • After that enter your accurate details to sign up. All the further functioning is same as we done on Facebook.
  • Currently Tsu is not available for everyone means it in a beta version so you will not able to sign up for new account directly. So you need any members username. So don't gets confused just follow above given links :)

How To Earn Money From Tsu ?

Tsu works same as Facebook, But the only think is you earn money for doing all the same activities. You just have to refer others to join Tsu and follow you and add you as a friend. In short you have to increase followers and friends and when you post something then you will earn money if someone likes, share and comment on your status and images.

  • After creating new account complete your account details like profile picture, cover and other basic information.
  • Then click Edit profile and all option will available in left sidebar and you can checkout your earning from bank option. 
  • If you want to refer other friends to join you simply go to Settings >> Then invitation option from right sidebar.
  • Copy your refer URL and share it any where you want to get more follower and friends.
  • More friends and follower will increase your reach and will help earn revenue.

How Much User will earn ?

Tsu is 90% revenue sharing network means all earning generate from your activities 10% will tsu take for its maintenance and other costs to run company. In other words you are not even earn a single penny from Facebook, twitter for daily activities according to data we help Facebook to earn $1-$2 on avg of daily usages. But we didn't get anything. Tsu will provide all the earning they earn from there advertisers on bases of every user activities.

Suppose we have around 100 Friends and follower on tsu then we will earn around $2-$5 depend on activities. So as your friends and follower will increase your earning will definitely increase. So total likes, share and comments done by you on other friends also help to get exposure and help in increasing earnings.

Tsu earns from there Ads, Reviews from which they distributed 90% share in users. 50% will be distributed in user with the help of this amount is generated and rest of 40% is disturbed in family tree by the concept of 1/3 in infinite loop. 

Suppose User A invite User B and further User B invite User C and so on. If user c having follower and friend they will earn from it. 1/3 of user c earning go to user B and 1/3 goes to user a amount earn by user B from referring earning. No doubt user B will not make any effort to earn more.

In short understand what is appearing in current earning balance is real amount you will get. No amount will be deducted from it. All the refer distribution and review sharing is done in back end and Final earning will appear in your account. Just understand if you able to make 200 friends and followers your earning will vary from $5-$10. If you have more friends and follower you earning will increases.

Likes, Comments, Shares, Friends, Followers, Refers = Earnings

How Tsu Send Payment ?

Just go the bank option and there is option to enter the amount for which you want to get  check.  Payment are made via check so enter you accurate details like Address, city, country and other options to receive your check.

Some Tips To Earn From Tsu Effectively

  • Follow and add friends to others in Tsu definitely they will also follow back to you. This will help to reach more audience. 
  • Refer more friends under your tree this will help you to earn from you referrer activities and also explain them to how to refer others means. More refers under your tree more you earn.
  • Share your refer link on Facebook, twitter and other social network. Even send mobiles sms and make aware them to join and earn from this network. Because if they will earn you will also earn from it.
  • create a post on Tsu and share it on Facebook or others to get more views.
If you have not sign up then what are you waiting for its really just create your account try it. Without invitation new account will not  be created. So just click on below given invite link.

Conclusion ?

According to my survey Tsu is best way to earn money side by side. But only its depend on your efforts. As we are using other network without any benefit just give it a try with a hope. We have Nothing to lose because we are not investing anything. I am also using it and hope so when i receive my first earnings i will definitely share it in this post.

Just join it from above given link because without refer you will not able to join and sharing your refer link and make posting on Tsu. If you any doubt or question feel free to ask me in below given comments.


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