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Thursday, 1 October 2015

How To Open Hidden Files & Folders In Pendrive
We use computers and laptops for our daily work like internet surfing, presentations and project making, audio and video playing, gaming and much more. Computer are used in each and every field because of their efficiency and speed. Today we can not imagine our life without computers. Computer can store large amount of data. As computer and internet are used in each and every field the chance of dangerous virus is also increased. We also need to transfer data using USB drives and SD cards daily. They Make corrupt data placed in these devices. For better security we can protect pendrive with password. Sending data through pendrive is best and suitable way.  But its also important to keep them secure. These viruses also effects pendrive speed. I already wrote about how to increase pendrive data transfer speed.  
As USB is portable device so we normally plugin into many device. Some times due to virus our important files get hidden into the pendrive, mischievous person also hide our data, dangerous virus hide themselves in the pendrive or computer and remain active. So in order to get back our data and protect our computer from hidden viruses we need to unhide them. So today we are going to discuss about all the possible ways for how to unhide the hidden files in pendrive.

Method 1st:- Open Hidden Files With Windows Settings

Step 1. Plug your pendrive to your computer and wait for few seconds until it shows with your drives. 
Step 2. Open your pendrive. In Windows 7 and 8 you see organize, share, new folder options etc. 
Step 3. Now you have to select organize option then you see a popup sub menu.
organize windows menu tab option

Step 4. In the menu you see among various options you have to click search and folder option. 
windows folder and search options

Step 5. Now you see a Window. In the Window there are three tabs General, view, Search.
Step 6. Select the view tab. In the view tab you can see hidden files and folder options.
Step 7. Select the show hidden files and folder option.
windows Show hidden files, folder and drive option

Step 8. Click apply and Ok. Now you can see the hidden files in your pendrive. 

Method 2nd:- By Using Smadav Antivirus.

Smadav is one of the best antivirus for offline use. It can automatically detect and scan the usb when it is plugged to your computer. It also provide its regular updates. It is one of the best ways to show hidden files in your computer and UBS drive. It can also protect you from various dangerous viruses. It is a light weight software. It also provide the unhide options to show hidden files.

Step 1. Download and install Smadav Antivirus by clicking the button below.

Step 2. Plug your pendrive to your computer and wait for few seconds until it shows with your drives.
Step 3. Right click on your pendrive and you see a popup menu.
scan pendrive with samdev

Step 4. In the menu select scan with Smadav option. After that your pen drive start scanning. 
sandev antivirus processing hidden files

Step 5. After scanning is finish you have to select the hidden tab.
Step 6. In the hidden tab tick the files you want to unhide or you can select unhide all option.
Now hidden files are visible in your pendrive.  
sandev antivirus hidden files detected

So these best possible ways to identify and open hidden files and folders in pendrive easily. If you know any of the best method to open hidden files must share in comments.

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Best Facebook Tips, Tricks And Hacks
Facebook becomes most popular social networking site within few years. Facebook play a big role to keep in touch with our friends and relatives. We can communicates with people which are far from us. Facebook provide a single platform to everyone where we can share thoughts and experiences with others. With the help of Facebook we can easily know the recent trends. Basically it is a medium to share our status, photos with others. Facebook also allow to create groups and pages so that same interest people can interact with each other. Facebook provide a social profile to each user over the internet. As Facebook is used by everyone like normal user, developers, hacker, marketers and many more.
Facebook is flexible platform developed in open source php language. So there are number of bugs and techniques to access and enhance Facebook features. So here we are providing some  Best Facebook Tricks to do some difficult work easily. For example Facebook does not provide you feature to accept all the friend requests at once, Invite all the friends to a page at once and many more. In this article we are going to explain about various best Facebook tips and tricks.

Best Facebook Tips, Tricks & Hacks

1. Create Single Name Account On Facebook

Facebook do not allow to make single name account. But we provide a trick to do that task. By adding proxy to our browser manually and change our language to Indonesia we can create single name Facebook account. If you want to know step by step procedure then

Create Single Name Account On Facebook

2. Invite All Friends To Like Facebook Page At Once

If you want to invite your friends to your page one by one it is a time consuming task. We provide you an amazing trick to invite all the Facebook friends to your page in a single click by running a script. If you want to know more details and procedure must read our post

Invite All Friends on Facebook

3. Add All Friends To Facebook Group At Once

If you want to invite your friends to your group one by one it is a time consuming task. We provide you an amazing trick to invite all the Facebook friends to your group in a single click by running a script. If you want to know more details and procedure.

4. Block Facebook Games and Apps Requests

If you suffer from Apps and games invitations then this trick is really for you. Facebook provide options for blocking that game or apps. You can also block a particular person or app. For more details

Block Facebook Games and Apps Requests

5. Disable Seen Option From Facebook Chatting

It is possible to remove seen option from your chat although Facebook do not provide options for it. This option allow your friends to see whether message send by them is seen by you or not. This is done by adding some extensions to your browser. If you want to know procedure then

6. Delete All Facebook Messages At Once

You can delete all the Facebook messages at once by using our amazing trick. Facebook do not provide as such options. You can do it by adding some extension to your browser. If you want to know more about it then read our post

Delete All Facebook Messages At Once

7. Accept All Facebook Friend Requests At Once

It is possible to accept all friend requests at once instead of accepting it one by one. Accept requests one by one is time consuming process. We provide you an amazing trick to accept requests at once by running a script. If you want to know then read our post

8. Mention/Tag All Friends In Facebook Status

You can mention all friends in a status instead of adding them one by one. We provide you an amazing trick to tag all friends in status. You can do it by running a script and it will saves your time. If you want to know more about it then read our post

Mention/Tag All Friends In Facebook Status

9. Suggest All Facebook Friends To Another Profile At Once

It is possible to suggest all friends at once instead of suggesting one by one. Suggest friends to our friend one by one is time consuming process. We provide you an amazing trick to suggest all friends at once by running a script. If you know more details then read our post

10. Change Facebook Profile Name Before 60 Days Limit

Facebook applied new restriction to reduce fake account. Now Facebook do not allow to change your name before 60 days after changing at once. Means You will be able to setup new name after the time period of 60 days. If you want to change your name before 60 Days we provide you amazing trick. To do this follow

Change Facebook Profile Name Before 60 Days Limit

11. Change Facebook Timeline Color

You can also change Facebook theme if you do not like the blue color of Facebook. Facebook do not provide option for it. Use this amazing trick by Adding extensions to your browser. If you want to know the procedure read our post about

12. Download Facebook Videos Without Any Software

Facebook does allow us to download videos directly from it. So we need third party application or software to this task. We can also download videos using IDM but some guys also don't have idm or they are using trail version. Due to some circumstances they are not able to download. So here is the best to download Facebook videos online easily without any software. If you want to download Facebook videos then

Download Facebook Videos online

13. Open Facebook Locked Profile Pictures

Facebook provide more security and privacy to their users. So you can not see the profile picture of any user apply privacy to it. We provide an amazing trick to view that pictures. You just need to know the username of the user whose pics you want to see. If you want to know detail procedure then

14. Activate Login Approval (2-step Verification)

You can also secure your Facebook account from malicious users and hackers. You Can activate login approval for your account so when ever you login to your account you receive a code on your mobile and after code verification your account is open. To know about proper procedure

So these are some best Facebook tips and tricks. Hope you like them all. If you need any kind of help feel free to ask me in below comments.

Saturday, 19 September 2015

Best CMD Tricks, Tips & Hacks For Windows - 2015
We are using computer almost in every field. Computer is combination and hardware and software. Most basic software that is necessary to run a computer is operating system. Mostly people use Microsoft Windows operating system. Windows is a powerful GUI based operating system which is easy to operate. We can install different application software's on windows according to our need including MS office, Adobe reader, music players, games and notepad. As we can use notepad for multiple task like coding editor, dairy and etc for more you need to check all best notepad tips and tricks. But an average persons who have basic knowledge of computer don't know all options of windows. Some task in Windows is very difficult like get IP address of a system, resolve Domain name to IP address, know active internet connection etc. But in DOS operating system, with the help one command we can do these task. Dos is the first command based Microsoft operating system. We can do many task in an easy way with the help of Dos but we only need to know about these commands. If you do not know about these command then this article is for you. In this article we provide you a list of best CMD tips, trick and hacks.

Best CMD (Command Prompt) Tricks

1. Creating Con Or Non Deletable Folder With CMD

In Windows you can not create a folder with name con or can not rename a folder to con. This is because it is a variable name used by Windows programming. Other variable name includes lp1, lpt2, lpt3 up to lpt9, aux. So Windows can not allow you to make a folder with this name. But with the help of dos command we can create a folder with such name.

1. Press Windows button and run CMD as administrator.

2. Type the command with this syntax "drive name: ". This command allow you to enter in the drive in which you want to create a folder. For example d: and press enter.

3. Now enter the following command

md con\ and press enter.

4. After that your folder is created in specified drive.
con folder cmd command

con folder

Deleting con Folder

 You can not delete such folder manually by using Windows. To delete this folder type the following command in the command prompt.

rd con\


2. Shut Down Computer With Commands

You can also shut down your computer by using command prompt. Type the following command in command prompt.

For Shut Down

shutdown -s

For Restarting

shutdown -r

For Logoff

shutdown -l

-s -r -l parameter tells the computer to shut down, restart, log off

3. Shutdown Computer In specified Time With CMD

You can also shut down your computer in specified time using command prompt. If you want to shut down your computer after two minutes type the following command.

shutdown -s -t 120

shut down cmd command
windows shut down

4. Print Message Before Shut Down

We can also print some message before shut down a computer. We can use it as a reminder which remind you a task at the time of shut down. We can do this by using the following command.

shutdown -s -t 500 -c "My message."

We can replace my message with our message we want to display.

print message with cmd command

5. Assoc CMD Command

There are many programs installed in our computer. Each program have its own file extension. It is difficult to remember each file extension. If you want to know which file is associated with which program then we can do this by typing the following command


This command provide you a list of programs and their associated files.

Assoc cmd command

6. Hide A Folder With CMD Command

We can play some interesting tricks with command prompt. Hiding a folder is one of them. By hiding a folder you can also save your data from other users. You can do this by typing the following command.

attrib +s +h D:\ABC

Where ABC is the name of directory we want to hide.
hide folder with cmd command
run hidden folder cmd command

Unhide The Folder

If we can also unhide the hidden folder using command prompt. To unhide the folder type the following command.

attrib -s -h D:\ABC

7. IP Related CMD Command

ipconfig is of the most useful command to see the IP address, Defult gateway and subnet mask. This command is related to networking and is most important for troubleshooting the problems related to TCP/IP.

To view Subnet Mask and IP Address use


To view TCP/IP related Information use


To view DNS cache use


To delete the local cache of DNS use


ipconfig cmd command

8. Net Related Commands

Net is a powerful cmd tool which is used to see the stat of network. This command provide information about active connection. This command is used to view or update network settings.

It is used to view only the services that are started using the following versions of this command

1. net stop server ( when the server is currently not running any service.)

2. net start server (when the server is being starting a service.)

3. net start (This command is used to check the services that are currently running.)

4. For connecting to shared network devices use the following command.

net use m:\sharedservername (for connecting to share network drives)

net use m:\sharedservername/delete (for disconnecting to share network drives)

net cmd command

9. Netstat CMD Command

Netstat command is an important tool when you want to know about who is establishing a connection with your computer. The out of this command provide you the information about all active connection and listening ports. we can view Ethernet statics and resolve connecting host IP address to a fully qualified domain name. You can use the Netstat command with following attributes

1. -a (display all connection)

2. -n (sorts connection in numerical order)

3. -b (display executable name. that is browser name)
netstat cmd command

10. Nslookup CMD Command

When we use internet , Domain name server resolve the Domain names to IP addresses so we do not need to remember the IP addresses. But in case of troubleshooting we can get the IP address of particular website using this command.

syntax is nslookup

Nslookup CMD Command

So these are some best cmd tips and tricks. I hope you like them all and find them working. In case you face any problem or you know trick related to cmd must let us know we will update it.

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