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Friday, 19 December 2014

How to Disable/Remove Blue Seen Ticks In WhatsApp - 2015

How to Remove Blue Seen Ticks In WhatsApp
WhatsApp is the world's most popular messenger or cross platform messaging app for mobile phones which is used to send free SMS, Photos, Audios and Videos through internet. It is the highly downloadable app on mobile phones as compare to other apps.  As we all know through the last 2 years WhatsApp becomes the most famous messaging app for Android or other smartphones and also acquired by the giant social networking site Facebook. But if you have not Android or any smartphone then don't worry you can also Download WhatsApp on your PC or Laptop. Every time the developers add new features and update new versions. So recently WhatsApp developers add new feature called "Check Mark" or "Read Receipt" which will appear when you send every message to your recipient. Below is the function of "read receipt " feature. 

How To Disable Blue Ticks from WhatsApp

If you are really not satisfied with this feature then don't worry you can remove or disable this "Blue Ticks" or check marks. To remove this feature people not able to know that you read their message or not. May be some people know how to disable o remove these blue tick but those who don't know don't worry just follow below given steps to remove "read receipt". 

WhatsApp New SEEN Update: Read Receipt/ Blue Ticks Function

whatsapp blue seen tick

Step1:- Download Latest version of  WhatsApp. Mobile user can also download from Google Play Store
Download From Google Play Store
whatsapp from google play store

Step2:- After Downloading new version >> Click on your WhatsApp account settings.

Step3:- Settings>> Then click on Account>> Privacy.

Step4:- Scroll down and you will find "Read Receipt" feature option. It will show you Tick on it Simply just Uncheck the tick option.

Note:- Those person who already have new version of WhatsApp they can simply follow the above steps and remove read receipt but those person who have not find Read Receipt option in privacy setting firstly download latest version of WhatsApp then follow the above steps.

I hope you will remove read receipt feature with the help of above steps, but if you can find any problem regarding these steps then feel free to ask.  


Instamojo Review - Collect Credit Card And Net-Banking Payments Online in India

Instamojo was started in 2010 because one of its founder Sampad started a newsletter comprising of video interviews as a side project and he was looking for a monetization program to monetize his newsletter, but he could not found any solution for it, and then he got an idea, and today that idea is known as Instamojo.
Instamojo Review
Instamojo is very well known website that allows users to buy & sell digital files like reports, code, documents, photos, templates, tutorials, music, videos, and offer physical goods. is a payment solution built in India for Indians. With Instamojo anyone can quickly create a payment link and share it on their website, social media, email etc. One can receive net banking, credit card or debit card payments through it.

What are the setup fees and transaction fees? 

There is NO setup fee. It is free to create an account at InstaMojo. It makes money when people receive money. They charge a 5% transaction fee whenever someone receives payments. This fee goes down with higher transaction volume. The payout of the money, takes place every Friday. The amount will be transferred to your bank account via NEFT. There are no upfront fees.
Instamojo Review payment

Is Instamojo a payment gateway? 

It's NOT a payment gateway rather it is an alternative to a payment gateway. They do provide integrations with websites but it is not mandatory. Anyone can create a payment page at InstaMojo and start receiving payments. It's not just a system to receive payments, but there are a lot of other features in it, which makes the selling process easier and better. With this, you will get cool analytics, simple buttons from where you can find the functions and other options. Design is also awesome with simple layout that is self-explanatory.
Instamojo Review guide
If you are transacting within India, then you can accept any form of payment, including Debit cards Credit Cards, And Net-banking. I would like to recommend Instamojo to those who often send/receive payments online.

What are the documents necessary for signing? 

To activate your accounts at InstaMojo you need to add address proof (bank statement) and ID proof (PAN card). Don’t worry about your privacy, your details are kept confidential.

Who is Instamojo best suited for? 

  • is used mostly by bloggers to sell digital goods. But it can also be used for selling physical goods, event tickets, and membership sites and so on.
  • Micro entrepreneurs, freelancers and other small businesses can get benefit from it too. It's just a charm for Indian bloggers, marketers and small business owners who often send and receive payments.
  • They also offer a referral system to its users, where users will get reward points for referring their friends and families.
  • Therefore, it encourages the users to refer others and get some kind of a reward in return.

What Are The Best Features of 

 Instamojo users get access to free features like:
  • SEO tools
  • Email system
  • Analytics
  • Downloading customer’s data in CSV format etc.
  • App store where a lot of new apps keep appearing from time to time
  • You can join Instamojo for free, there are no setup fees.
  • They charge only 5% fees. As your volume grows, fees can be reduced. 
I hope you like this review about Instamojo and must share your experience in comments.

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