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Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Top 11 Best Web Hosting Companies: (2014 Reviews)

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Web Hosting is main component to publish any web page on  internet. Whether it is called as Web hosting or Web server both are the same things. Just to start a new website we need a domain name, hosting or server for storage and serving of pages on Web. If you want to build a new website, firstly you have to decide a good relevant name for new domain if are not familiar in searching a good names then i recommend you to read about Best Tools for search New Domains. After the selection of good domain name, you have to find  the a best platform to register it,  Learn How To Buy New Domain Name. After that  you have to find qualitative and credible web hosting where you can host your website. There are many companies which provide different types of web hosting but sometimes to find a best quality and authentic web hosting is difficult for us. If you are looking for the best web hosting then your are at right place. But before buy any web hosting,  firstly list out your need according to your business and what type of website you going to build like Does it on software or E-commerce based or require any Applications.? or its just a CMS blog like WordPress or joomla. Here we have research and find some top best web hosting companies that provide a qualitative and reliable service for their clients before continue with companies let understand some basic first if you newbie it will help you a lot. 

What is Web Hosting ? 

When you make any website or blog and then if you want to available your website for your users on internet then you have to host your website to some web hosting. Web Hosting is basically a service provider that makes your website available for users and kept all the information on their servers because there are lots of content that you are uploaded on your website and it have some space to store all the data So the web hosting store all your website data into him. Web hosting provides you bandwidth, storage, tools and also other more features by which you can manage your website.

Types of Web Hosting Or Server

Shared Web Hosting:- If you have a small and personal business and you don't have so much traffic on your website and you don't want to pay much more. Then go for a shared web hosting. In this basically you have only one server and all the resources are served to few other clients also. So the one server is used by multiple clients. Due to sharing of one server by multiple users the performance got decrease but the cost decreases also and you can get shared web hosting at cheap price. It is beneficial for those who have a small business and minor traffic website. You can get this hosting at very cheap prices like around $5- $10 per month.  

VPS (Virtual Private Server) Hosting :-  It is basically used for small businesses which cannot afford dedicated server and have customized website. In VPS there is only one server which servers several users as virtual private server there is no link between any users and all the system is isolated so every user can use there own virtual server. There is only computer that have several VPSs which is installed by users. It is expensive than Shared web hosting but less expensive than dedicated web hosting. Its is best choice for corporate blogs or website which receive significant account of traffic

Dedicated Web Hosting:- In dedicated hosting there is only one server which is used by only you one other users can access your server. If you have large business and large traffic then you can go for dedicated hosting. You can get more powerful CPU, RAM more bandwidth and space for your website which can load your site in just a seconds because it is fast, well qualitative and reliable. With increasing the quality prices will also be increases there are different companies according to the web hosts prices can vary but approx you can get this hosting round about $100 per month.

To learn in depth about different  between shared, vps and dedicating then i recommend you to read out at our partner blog.

Below is Table for Top Best Web Hosting Companies.

Web Hosting Features Price & Visit
hostgator icon
  1. UNLIMITED Disk Space
  2. UNLIMITED Bandwidth
  3. EASY Control Panel
  4. 1-CLICK Script Installs
  5. Free Website Templates
  6. 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
  7. 45 Day Money Back Guarantee
  8. 24/7 Technical Support
bluehost icon
  1. unlimited domains
  2. unlimited hosting space
  3. unlimited bandwidth
  4. unlimited email accounts
  5. 30 day money back guarantee
  6. 24/7 Technical Support
  7. 99.9% uptime guarantee 
godaddy icon
  1. Free Email Addresses
  2. Unlimited Monthly Bandwidth
  3. DDoS protection Award-winning
  4. 24/7 technical support
  5. 99.9% uptime guarantee
  6. Money-back guarantee
bigrock icon
  1. Unlimited domains, email and disk space
  2. 99.9% uptime with dedicated 24/7 technical support
  3. Fully equipped with cPanel / Plesk Control
  4. Rs. 2500* Google AdWords Credit
  5. 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
dreamhost review
  1. Unlimited Disk Storage
  2. Unlimited Bandwidth
  3. Unlimited Email Account 
  4. 1-Click Wordpress Installer
  5. Unlimited Domain Hosting 
  6. Unlimited 24/7 Support
ipage icon
  1. Free Domain
  2. Unlimited Bandwidth, Space & Emails
  3. Free Security Suite
  4. Uptime & Money-back Guarantees
  5. Free North America based support 24/7

inmotion hosting icon
  1. FASTER Content Delivery than hard disk drives
  2. FREE 1-click installer with 310+ applications
  3. FREE cPanel for easy server management
  4. FREE domain to get you started
  5. 24/7 Technical Support 

justhost icon
  1. UNLIMITED Websites
  2. FREE Domain Included
  3. UNLIMITED Storage
  4. FREE Site Builders
  5. UNLIMITED Domains
  6. FREE Instant Setup
  7. UNLIMITED Email Accounts
  8. FREE 24/7 Phone Support
arvixe icon
  1. UNLIMITED Email Accounts
  2. UNLIMITED Disk Space
  3. UNLIMITED Data Transfer
  4. Easy Control Panel
  5. FREE Site Builders
  6. FREE Domain 
  7. Free Online Store
  8. 24/7 U.S Based Phone Support
hostmonster icon
  7. WordPress, GALLERY AND MORE
  8. cPanel INTERFACE
network solution icon
  1. Easy-to-use Website Builder
  2. Hassle-free FTP to upload files & images
  3. Unlimited bandwidth, 300GB storage
  4. Extensive library of tools - PHP, Joomla, Drupal, and more.

All the above listed companies are best in their service. I just arrange them in a sequence but it doesn't means that list is sorted out according to quality. Choose any of the above  companies which fit best for you. Visit all and observe them and then make decision which will be best for you. I hope you like all and in case you want any kind of help or solution must leave your comments.

Friday, 12 September 2014

CodeLobster PHP Edition Review: Best Free PHP Editor

PHP is a very popular as well most commonly used language for every new projects related to web development either a webmaster have to develop a wordpress plugins or themes or a modern PHP based web application. These all technical process is bit time consuming and need some effort but using an IDE (Internet Development Environment) software the process of developing such plugins or themes or any related application become much more easier and efficient. As we know PHP is as versatile as every new project is being typed in this programming language due to its best compatibility and ultra-high portability, but many programmers still unaware that it lacks on different security causes. But the question is PHP is sufficient to develop any project? If you make some research on it then you will find "PHP need HTML, CSS and JavaScript as necessary arm and apart from it for getting efficient decoding and coding capability we should have good IDE”.

What is Codelobster?

Generally when you search for a free Windows based IDE for your project then you will got a long list but they most of them will cost you. So if you looking for some best IDE for PHP then we want to recommend Codelobster to you. It’s a free IDE developed by Codelobster software. It runs on the Microsoft Windows operating system and is designed mainly for the PHP language. It has built-in support for PHP based frameworks like CakePHP and CodeIgniter.

Why to Use Codelobster PHP Editor?

It’s a free PHP compatible IDE which only for Windows (XP/Vista/windows 7). Its full compatible with window's server as well got lots of additional features for being best portable that you cannot find in others. So, In other words you can say Codelobster providing and keeping the webmasters demand for free & best PHP Editor. But we guess you are thinking only for being portable and free of cost, we are recommending you codelobster to you? If you still in this dilemma then you are on the wrong track, there are lots of unique features that allow Codelobster for being best among the rest. We are going to mention some best features which force you to start your project with this recommended PHP editor.

Codelobster Best Features:

1. Its fully compatible with CSS, PHP, HTML and even JavaScript.

2. It has Syntax (PHP, HTML, JavaScript and CSS) highlighting.

3. It has auto completion features for tags, attributes for current tag, closing tags.

4. It also enabled with PHP Advanced auto complete feature: This feature speeds up writing a code also includes wide selection of code completion listings.

5. It got JavaScript Advanced auto complete of keywords, DOM elements and their properties.

6. It have HTML Toolbar and SQL Manager, the SQL Manager of Codelobster PHP Editor allows you to create and edit your database effectively also you can execute SQL queries.

7. It also has PHP Debugger which is a package of tools that allows a developer debug applications during developing process. Before running, you need to configure it.

It got FTP/SFTP support which helps you in case if you don't want to work with local files and want to edit your website directly on your server. So, in such cases FTP support helps you in doing that seamlessly.

9. It supports popular CMS (Content Management System) as well like Drupal, WordPress and Joomla.

10. It have HTML/CSS inspector which allows you to inspect an element and view the current CSS that is applied on it.

How to Get Codelobster PHP Edition?

You can easily get this editor from here and can install easily. It’s completely free but you need to pay for using additional plugins within the IDE. For instance if you want to use CakePHP framework or jQuery then you need to pay for that. Finally we come to this conclusion that Codelobster PHP editor is much efficient and impressive as well there should be some scope for developers to earn too.


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