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Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Top 6 Best URL Shortener Networks To Earn Money

URL Short Services To Earn MoneyEarn money from shorten URL is one of the easiest method in which you do not require any skills, it is the simple method from which you can earn money online. Those persons which are don't know much about how to make money online can use this service and can make some money through this service. It is very easy process just convert your URL and promote on where you want to promote when anyone can click on your Short URL for 5 seconds it redirects on an ad then it will go on destination So it is the way company can pay you, the rates are depend on the companies because there are many different URL shortening companies which have different rates.
Companies are pay maximum in between $1 to $10  per 1000 views on a URL and they have also referral system by joining other persons from your referrals and they will give you maximum 20% commission. So here we have find some URL shortening companies from which you can earn money by promoting Short URLs    

What is URL Shortening ?

In URL shortening you can convert your large URL in short URL. It is very helpful because if you want to promote any link which are very large and sometimes it become difficult for us to remember the link but with the help of URL shortening service we can convert them into short URL then we can easily remember the link. You have to just go and join URL shortening networks and take any link which you want to promote and place on the box and then click on shrink it will shrink or convert your large link into short URL which you can promote further.       

#1 icon is new URL shortening company and It will give you $2 per 1000 views for promoting Shorten URL and the minimum cash out is 5$. If your are not satisfy with payout then you can earn money from referral system It will gives you 20% commissions on referrals. is a user friendly and you can securely get your payment through Paypal and Payoneer. It has a good payout rates and it is a good shortening company for URL shorten. Beside this have also affiliate programs It gives you great ads format and you can promote on your blog or website.

#2 logo
AdFocus is a free short URL service.You can Get paid for links you share on the Internet. You can place links on your blog, website, social media, forums, YouTube and more. You can get 2$ to 5$ per 1000 views on your shorten URL The minimum payout is 10$ which is quite high than other URL shortening companies and you can also get commissions from referral system. It is a US based company and and gives very high rates in US and UK, So if you can click any US and UK based visitor then you will get paid high rates. It has also a advertiser programs for your blog or website.   


linkbucks logo
Linkbucks is another best and legal URL shortener website. It is the number one competitor of has great google page rank and very high alexa ranking. By promoting your Shorten URL you can get 0.5$ to 3$. The minimum payout is 10$. Linkbucks has paid out more than $1.2 Million USD. Other competitors only pay for unique traffic while Linkbucks pay for all your traffic. Advertising programs are also there, so you can advertising with linkbucks.

#4 logo
Adfly is old and one of the best trusted company which is pays on time. You can get approx  5$ per 1000 views by promoting your shorten URL. The main thing i like Adfly is that the minimum payout is 5$ which is best than other companies. It is a trusted company and you can get your payment through Paypal. Most of the persons use Adfly because it is an old and legal, trusted company and which takes best care of their customers. 

#5 logoSNIP.PS is a US based company. It is a new and innovative platform for earn money. You will get paid by sharing your shorten URL on social media, YouTube, websites and blogs. When persons click on your URL it will show them advertisement for 5 second and after this it will take them on the original destination and you will get paid. The SNIP.PS pays 2$ to 5$ and the minimum payout is 10$. It is the easiest way to earn money and you can easily receive your payment from Paypal. 

#6 logo is a CPA and CPM based URL shorten service. First you have to Short your URL and then you can share your URL any place, when anyone click on your URL it will show them to complete any task like completing any survey or download something etc then you will get paid if they don't complete any task don't worry you will also get paid due to CPA (cost per action). The Adlock pays 1$ to 5$ and the minimum payout is 5$. Adlock has also advertisement system so you can also try their advertisement program. 

#7 logo
It is a modern URL shorten or a free URL shortening service. You get paid by share your links on the Internet. You can register free account and start shrinking. Every person that visits your URLs and click on your URL , you will get paid. You can Place your short urls on Social media, forums, websites and on more. It will pay you up to 4$ per 1000 visits and you can also get 20% commission from your referrals. 

#8 logo
Linkshrink pays 2$ to 5$ and the minimum payout is 5$. Through referral system you can get 10% commission from your referral. It is the best and innovative company which pays good rates to their customers. You can register free and earn money to share your links on internet.  

#9 logo is a URL shorten company and easiest way to earn money online. Create an account and share your short URL on websites, blogs, social media, forums etc and you will get paid. The P,pw pays 1$ to 3$ per 1000 views and the minimum payout is 5$ which is best than some other companies. You will get paid by sharing your links on the web you can register free on and earn money online without any skills just by share your links. You can also get commission from your referrals.

I hope you like these networks. If you have any best network which i have skipped. Must leave you comment i will review and update it as soon as possible.

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Hetman Partition Recovery Review: Recover Deleted Partitions

Hetman Partition Recovery Review
In today’s world, most of the data that we store in our computers are sensitive and are most of the time extremely crucial for business or personal use. It is important that we know how and where to save these files as even a minor blip can cause all of the data to get deleted and set you back months or even years in data.
Backing up is important, but at times when it is not possible to access data that is created, it is important to recover it, and with Hetman Partition Recovery, you can regain the lost data with the help of this software.Backing up your data ensures it immunity from viruses and other malware that could affect the data. But invariably there are times when due to the time constraints, backing up can become an issue. It is over here that recovering files plays an important role. Hetman Partition Recovery helps businesses or individuals recover data.
The data that gets deleted does not disappear permanently and gets stored in the Master Boot Record of the computer. It is here that the data remains until it is replaced by other meaningful data.

How to use Hetman Partition Recovery? 

For many, software like Hetman Partition Recovery comes as a boon. It helps in recovering data that is lost, deleted or formatted in the partitions on the hard drive.
Hetman Partition Recovery Review
The software works by scanning and searching lost partitions as well as data that can be recovered in time, making it doubly beneficial. Also, previous volumes are also recovered. The best part about the recovered data is that it comes back in the exact form and the whole setup is very user-friendly with the do-it-yourself wizard allowing users to follow the simple steps that come along with it.

Hetman Main Features 

By clicking on the “Recover” button, the software runs a scan and searches for the document or set of files that is to be recovered. Once users enter the right name of the file on the search bar, it makes a comprehensive search of all of the files that might have been saved onto the Master Boot Recovery.
Hetman Partition Recovery Review
If you want to recover partitions also, the software allows you to do so. All users have to do is click on the “Find Partitions” option that is available in the bottom of the screen which makes it easier to recover the partitions that are lost due to viruses or mishandling of the computer.

There are two types of recovery methods that can be used to regain the data from the computer. One is the Quick Scan and the other is Full Analysis.

What the quick scan does is make a real fast analysis and display snapshots of the files that have been deleted off the computer and gives a preview pane with which users can restore files almost immediately.
Hetman Partition Recovery Review
Full Analysis does a comprehensive search of the data especially from files that are logically corrupted or damaged to be recovered easily, especially from partitions or removable media devices.Users can stop scanning once they feel they are satisfied with the files that have been recovered.The same sort of recovery option can be used to perform recovery and regain data from other devices like SSD, removable data and internal or external hard drive. The software is supported on various platforms like Windows 7, Windows 8 as well as Microsoft Vista.

Take a Look on How-to-use guide :

Overall Review: The Hetman Partition Recovery is overall very versatile software that allows you to recover formatted files, “permanently deleted” files, information from malware attacks, system failures as well as corrupted media.

Hetman Partition download

Since it also helps in recovering and restoring lost partitions, the software advantageous in more than one way and with the very easy-to-use instructions and wizard along with the efficiency with which the software recovers the files, it is pretty useful and great must-have software in your collection that could come to use in times of need.


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