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Friday, 17 April 2015

How To Disable/Hide Seen On Facebook Chat/Messages
Facebook is a largest social media platform. We perform different type of tasks like posting status, photos, making friends and do chatting with them. The basic reason behind Facebook addiction is chatting with friends. Almost every person who love to use Facebook want to spent their time by doing chatting with each and every person who is online at that time. Facebook chat having many different features like text chatting, video chatting, stickers, attach files, photos and more. Chat box includes additional settings like turn on and off chat for specific list and people, play sound facility and many other.
But for making user experience more better, Facebook introduce two real time working features like typing and seen messages which appears on both users end. Typing feature is amazing but few people don't like seen option. Just because after reading someone message seen option start appearing but problem is when we don't want to reply that specific person then seen option create trouble. Seen option is visible even chat is offline. No doubt we can easily mark then as unread manually but don't worry today i am going to discuss about how we can automatically hide seen option. I already discuss about many Facebook Tips, Tricks and Hacks. So here is another tricks about how to disable seen option on Facebook messages. This feature is very useful for those who work online and want to use Facebook side by side by doing chat online.

#1 Method To Disable Seen Option on Facebook Automatically

Note:- This method is working only on Web version and only on the same device where you will install below given extension according to browser type.

  • First of all install Below given extension.
For Mozilla Firefox Visit Here

For Google Chrome Visit Here

  • Choose and install above given extension according to browser type.
  • After installing extension restart your browser.
  • Now Login your Facebook account on that browser Seen option will not visible to your friends while doing chatting.

How To Check Extension Is Working Or Not ?

  • Whenever someone send you a message simply reply or read that message. After reading visit to Message Box from Icon visible in navigation bar of Facebook.
  • Now Checkout the color of that person message in inbox if the color visible is dark blue as compare to other messages after reading Or just reload Facebook if the Mark as Read option is visible then extension is working.
Facebook message unread after hide seen

How to Disable Seen Extension ?

  • In case you want to stop feature. Simply go to Add-one option in Firefox or extension option in chrome.
  • Click on the disable or remove button visible in front extension we had installed.

2nd Method To Disable Seen Option in Facebook Chat (Manually)

This is simple process almost every knows. In case you don't then must read about it.
  • If you don't want to install any kind of extension then the option available for you is, by it doing manually.
mark as unread facebook message option
  • To do this when someone send you a message then go to inbox area >> Read the message >> After that click Mark as unread option.
  • Now for each person where you want to hide seen option.. Every time you have to click on Mark as unread option after reading his or her message.

According to me if you really get irritate from messages then installing an extension is a good idea. If you like this trick and find working and useful must share it with others. In case you face any kind of issue feel free to ask in comments.

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Android phones are widely used smartphones and provide amazing features at cheap price. Android phones uses their own  Android OS is based on Linux and also hardware independent. Almost every person is know using smartphones because of there feature like Internet, Games and Apps for various purposes. From all the aspects Android OS becomes the giant in the marketplace. Google Play store having billions of apps for different purpose including paid and freeware. I already wrote about how to download paid android apps for free. So that is why Android becomes so popular because these flexibilities.
As we download multiple apps and able to store huge amount important data in Android devices. But the main point about which we worries always is protection of data from lost. So we have to keep back up of our phone data and Apps data. Even Android phones do automatic backup of phones data but it is always good to have double backup of  your data because in case we may be not able to access from actual source then it will better if we have secondary option. So today we are going to discuss about some best data backup and recovery apps for android phones.

#1. Titanium Backup

Titanium Backup
This Apps is designed for users that are familiar with Android Phones. It require the  Android phone to root to take its backup. Its paid  version available in $5.91. You can schedule Apps backup in free version. It allow you to backup your data in SD card, cloud backup and in PC. It also detect changes  in phone data and warn you to take backup again.

#2. G Cloud Backup

G Cloud BackupG Cloud is another popularly App used to backup your phone data. It is free available to download on Google Play store.This app allow you to store 1 GB data backup and increase your storage space if you invite your friends to use G Cloud Backup. It allow you to backup your phone data, calender, music and app data on Amazon's AWS cloud. It provide additional data security with 256 bit AES encryption.

#3. Super Backup : SMS & Contacts

Super Backup : SMS & ContactsSuperback up is another popular Android apps to take Android phone backup. It allow you to take backup of your phone data, Apps, contacts, Call logs. It also provide auto backup features when we install a new Apps on our phone. It allow you to schedule backup of Call logs, contacts, SMS and store it on your G-Mail account.

#4. Helium - App Sync and Backup

Helium - App Sync and BackupHelium App is one of the best Android Apps to backup and restore phones data and application files. It allow you to take backup on SD card, Computer and cloud backup and allow user to access information in easy way. The App does not require you to root your device. It allow you to sync data to another android device. It has free and paid version in $4.99  for Android to Android sync and for cloud download.

#5. Go Backup and Restore Pro

Go Backup and Restore Pro
Go Backup and restore pro is another best option for backup and restore Android phones. It allow you to backup your contacts, Apps, Call Logs, Bookmarks, User dictionary for free but it does not allow you to backup your SMS and MMS in free version. Its paid version is available in 4$ approx. It also detect the changes in phone data and warn you to backup again.

#6. Easy App toolbox

Easy App toolboxEasy App Toolbox is another Android backup App which is freely available on Google Play store to download. Like the name of Apps, this Apps provide many little simple tool to backup data. The App does not require you to root your device. It allow you to take cloud Backup, Backup on SD card. If you look for something simple with additional features like send Apps and batch uninstalls, this is a great option.

So these few best Best Backup and Restore Apps for Android devices. If you know any of the best which is missing in the list, please leave your review we will update it as soon as possible.

Saturday, 11 April 2015

Best Photo Editing Software For PC
Photo Editing is basic part to make images more attractive. We take photos to remember any special occasion or event in our day to day life. But Images also play an important role in many different streams. Like in Marketing, Advertising, Entertainment and Internet etc. Normally we use Mobiles and Computers now days where we access images. So on our smartphone we can easily download apps for editing. As we already posted about Best Photo Editing Apps For Android. Its really easy to use drag and drop features on android devices to do editing and given little bit effects to image. As normally we want to share them on Facebook, instagram or other social site.
 But for professional purpose then we need to design images with the use best Photo Editing Software's. With the help of these software's we can create attractive and more realistic images. These tools are very useful for professional photographer, Graphic designer and Web designer. But the major problem faced by normal user is few of best photo editing software are paid but rest of other are difficult to use or may works online. If you don't know about image editing then do not worry, In this article we will provide best images editing tools which are easy to use offline and different type of features in all. Choose any of the which you find more suitable for your editing purpose.

1. Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is one of the famous photo editing software developed by Adobe corporation. It provide user friendly interface and easy to use tool. It is compatible with all versions of Windows and also available for Mac operating system. It provide support to edit a picture by using multiple layers. It provide options to change the color of photo, adjust brightness and contrast, crop and re size photos and support all the photo formats. Current version of Photoshop is CS 6.
Adobe Photoshop

2. PhotoScape 

Photo Scape is another popular photo editing software which provide amazing photo editing tools. It does support to work on multiple layers like Photoshop. But still it provide tools to quickly edit a pictures like re- size a picture, Add some external objects to picture, change the settings of color, brightness etc. It also provide option to create picture by combining two or three images. We can also create animated pictures by using this software. It is compatible with all version of Windows and support all type of images format.

3. Gimp

It is open source application to edit the images and is available for windows, Linux,  Mac. It is available for free and save cost of buying image editing tools. It provide translation tools for scaling, Rotating, shear and flip the images. It also provide support for multiple layers. It also provide Sub pixel sampling for paint tools for high quality anti-aliasing. It also support multiple undo and redo operations. It has 100 of plugins already available. It support tile based memory management so image size is limited by the disk space.

4. Photo Pos Pro

Photo Pos Pro is another popular image editing tool. It has many type of selection tools, a wide variety of paint tools, colors with different shades, control brightness and contrast of image, create different light effects on the images. It also offer some funny tools which allow you to add fireworks, bubbles, different shading effects etc. It provide support for layers and filters. It is available for Windows and Mac and support all image formats.
Photo Pos Pro

5. PhotoFiltre

PhotoFiltre is an image retouching tool than a conventional editor. It is also available Windows and support all images format. It can also save the image in different formats  after editing. It provide a variety of color correction and filters, paint tools etc. It is the best option when you need to give more artistic look to an image.

6. PixBuilder Studio

PixBuilder Studio is another popular image editing tool. It is compatible with all version of windows and also available for Mac Operating system. It also provide tools for re-size, crop, rotate, flip the images. It has a variety of selection tools and also support layers, filters. It support all image format and save the image in any format you want to save.
PixBuilder Studio

7. Funny Photo Maker

Funny Photo Maker is popular image editing tools. It is good choice when you want to make fun with a pictures. It does not support smart selection, drawing tools, layers and filters.  It has amazing range of tools which you can apply within seconds. We can add someone picture with a movie poster, apply some funny frames, create moving effects, add rain or snow scene to picture. It support all picture format and available for Windows.
Funny Photo Maker
I hope you like these photo editing software for PC. If you know any of the best software for photo editing must leave your reviews in comments.

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