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Tuesday, 22 April 2014


Best Free Photo Editor Apps For Android

SmartPhones take a place of Camera in our daily routine whenever we go outside or within a home we like to take picture we just take our own phone and make some good clicks. Even we like photography or not but we need some good clicks for social media profile or for other online activities. So adding pictures directly to social media profile are not so attractive. Its better to make your pictures more stylish and good looking just buy using some photo editing tools on own devices as we use Photoshop, Photoscape or Picasa like software's in our desktop.
But every common person don't have knowledge about how to use these software's for editing. If you are one of them then don't worry now the time has comes when you don't need to learn about these software for giving simple effects because many smartphone applications are available which provide easy to use tools for photo designing and edition which are too much easy to understand. So today i will discuss about some the best android apps which are famous for photo designing and editing these apps also may available on other marketing store so search them on your behalf.

PicsArt - Photo Studio

PicsArt where everyone becomes artist. PicsArt is most famous mobile application for Photo editing with oven 100 Millions installs. PicsArt is one the fastest growing photo artist app which offers free photo editing, drawing tools, art network, photo grid, collage maker and more features within this app. PicsArt photo editor have photo manipulation, wide array effect, text tool, clip graphics, frames in the tools. It easy and simple to use if you don't even have knowledge about editing. So to download it from Google Play Store Visit here


Pixlr-o-matic is best and simple photography app which helps to add stylish effects to pictures. Pixlr-o-Matic is over 200 million+ download just because its amazing features which includes effects to adjust the mood of photo, amplify tone, cool it down or shades. You can also use overlays which add drama, sparkle, neon, light leaks to images. Pixlr-o-matic is powerful apps for photo designing also popular just because it easy to understand and use. To download it from Google Play Store Visit here

Pixlr Express

Pixlr Express is useful and powerful photo editor app which lets you to quickly crop, rotate or fine tune any picture and best part is, its to totally ad-free apps. Choose free effects, overlays, borders to personalize your images and giving them professional touch without any editing knowledge. Its contains 'Auto-Fix' feature to to balance out colors or adjusting poor light condition on single click. Overall performance this app is great help to edit your images effectively. So to download it from Google Play Store Visit here


Photofunia is popular and famous website for desktop for photo editing. Photofunia also introduce its android application. Actually its not an application which help you to edit images or giving effects, cropping etc. Photofunia concept different and same as on its website. PhotoFunia is frames based application which help to change your background, face, body with all the listed frames in their app. You can change your suit, Santa, Superman or print you image on wall and much more as same on Photofunia official website. To download Photofunia From Google Play Store Visit Here

Perfectly Clear (Paid App)

Perfectly clear is famous and award winning technology for in the field of photo designing and effects. In this app  with single click 12 correction take place to give professional look to your image which make your image more stylish. Prefect clear don't mask or saturate images it just give real vibrant effects. Overall performance of this apps is best and useful for android mobile app for photo editing. To download it from Google Play store Visit here

I Hope you enjoy these listed apps for android of photo editing these are some apps which i fine helpful and easy to use. If you have any another famous app must leave your review then i will update it also in the list.

Friday, 18 April 2014


Top 5 Best Free Calling Apps For Android Mobile

Smartphones become a part of our daily routine. No one use or buy a new phone which doesn't support internet. Due to increase of internet users we love to talk and connecting with other people of around the world through social media which includes facilities like audio, video and other message sending ways. In the same way on our mobile phones we use Whatsapp, BBM like messagers to send messages, videos and small audio clips. Just like these apps many other apps also provide free voice or video calling facility all over the world at free of cost. 
These apps companies provide these type of free facilities to their users just because they want to increase users and if they able to increase then they will earn a lot for their product. So today i will discuss about some application for smartphones which provide free calling facilities. But these apps needs internet and other user should also be on same network then you will be able to call for free.

#1 Viber 

Most Popular and best smartphone app for free Calling. Voice quality of Viber is Superior. Viber is most common app used all over world for free voice calling. Viber syncs data from mobile contacts. So you can easily send messages, videos and free calling to all the contact which are also on Viber Platform. If you are interested and never try viber just download it from Google Play from Here

#2 Skype 

Skype the most popular and famous desktop software for free video calling. Skype also introduce mobile version apps for different platform which includes Windows, iOS, Android and other devices. Skype is most reliable, superior quality and best performing app. For Video calling and and also for voice their no competition of Skype with others. In skype Mobile app they offers instant messaging, photo sharing, video calling, audio calling with other users. You can Download Skype on Google Play Store From Here.

#3 Tango

Another For video and voice calling app which helps you to connect with friends and family. Tango is considered as social networking app which help to interact with others. Tango contain free voice & video calling, Text messaging and Free games which makes Tango interesting. In Tango you can able to do group chat with 50 friends. To Install tango in your Android simple download it through Google Play Store from Here

#4 WeChat

WeChat able to generate 300+ million users in short time with best marketing. WeChat offers voice messaging, video calling, text messaging for your smartphone. WeChat provide Walkie-Talkie facility in which can connect upto 40 friends. WeChat is famous for just text messaging not as calling app. WeChat offer good quality as compare to many of others. To download WeChat from Google Play store for android visit Here

 #5 Line

Line allows to make free voice call, video calling, send messages and much more features which makes line interesting. Line cross over 250+ million user around the world and used in 250+ countries. In Line you can easily share current status about what your doing on Timeline with friends which includes text message, photos, movies, stickers and much more. Line also provide feature of getting updates for famous celebrities just by adding them in your account. For Android download it from Here

These are some famous apps for free video calling and voice calling apps. For all of above few are best for video calling and others are for voice just all these free platform and find which suits best for your usage. If you are using any another best apps which is not listed above must leave your ideas i will update it. 

Tuesday, 8 April 2014


Top 5 Android Free Mission Games - 2014

Android market having millions of games which includes puzzle, mind, mission, running games and much more based on different concept and techniques. Recently i  have written an article about some Endless running games for Android, Windows and iOS which are trendy in these days. I hope you like that post and today i will list some of the best mission based games which you also like and enjoy. We always love mission based games in mobile version of those games which are already introduces for PC or PS version just like GTA and others but those games are paid.
But before proceeding i just want to make you aware about sometimes we install and download any games which may be not so popular and their developer are not so trusted so if love to play games on mobile and you download huge games and apps then it necessary for security to Use antivirus So must follow Best Android Anti-virus Apps.

List of Some Best Free Android Mission Games

#1 Crime City

Crime city best and popular mission based game. In which just have crust your rival and buying and collect things and much more features like weekly events, upgrade weapons, vehicle garage which make your game more adventurous and mafia like game. Overall performance of crime city is good and it also free of cost just download from below and enjoy it.
crime city android download

#2 Iron Man 3

Official games developed by Gameloft and marvels most popular superhero movie Iron Man. This official game version is totally free which includes various mission in fast-paced flying battle, Iron man with amazing responsive swipe control and enjoy it will 3D effects. you can upgrade your armor and power in research lab to wipe out enemies and much more amazing features in official free game version just download and enjoy it.
Google playstore download
Iron man android download

#3 Thor: The Dark World

Another official Game developed by Gameloft and marvel at free of cost and most adventures games developed on Marvel's Thor. In this game trained and fight alongside legendary Asguardians, valiant warriors of Asgard. Upgrade and unleash super abilities for your allies. Take challenges and complete mission with different goals and tasks. You can unlock and upgrade 10 hammer and armor set for Thor and much more just download and play now
Google playstore download
Thor android download

#4 Six-Guns

Six-Guns adventurous shooting game in which cowboys, bandits and unnatural enemies which make this game interesting. In Six-guns freely open and explore events, mystery and many challenges for you to discover and developer hope that you will completely immersed in the story and the action with different 40 missions and complete all great variety of task.

Google playstore download
six-guns android download

#5 Rivals At War

Another amazing and action game in which shooter are ready for duty anytime. In Rivals at war train your solders and upgrade your weapons for each mission. Battle across four different combat with 3D battlefield and military missions. Power-up to enhance the accuracy, speed, Damage, defense and health of solders. Rival at war have 45 achievement to complete and unlock rewards. Overall the performance of this game is best and also free of cost download it now from play store enjoy it.
rivals at war android download
These are five android Mission + Action games which at free of cost. I will update more games as soon as possible. Right now enjoy these and if you know any another best mission game you have played then lets me and we update it soon in the list.

Sunday, 6 April 2014


Top 6 Endless Running Games For Android, iOS And Windows Phone

endless running games
Smartphone Users are increasing at large extend just due to their amazing features and interface. Android market, Windows Phone and iTunes contain millions of apps which includes games and other applications. Teenagers and even adults also love to playing games on there smartphone. Some of them just bought smartphones only for games. Actually its not their fault, games developers are doing amazing job, even me also love to play games on mobile. 
There are numbers of famous and fantastic games which includes mind games, mission based and others but in all of them the most popular and treading games in these days are based on endless running. After the popularity of Temple Run and Subway Surfer huge games comes in market based on different situations just because people love to play games like this. So today i will discuss about some fabulous endless running games with their download links of different markets.

Download Best Endless Running Games

1. Temple Run

Temple Run is most popular and downloadable game ever on all markets. It was developed by Imangi studio developers. The basic concept of temple run is single man saving his life from behind monster and running into a temple and collecting coin without getting down or crashed anywhere. The main motive is just to collect coin and making more and more score as possible in different situation. The graphic quality of Temple Run is amazing and they also include too many different situation which makes it interesting. Temple Run's first version becomes so popular and after getting huge response developer release Temple Run 2 which also become popular and its latest version was OZ. We hope Temple Run will continue and introduce new versions in future.

2. Subway Surfer

Subway surfer is based on a boy running endlessly over lanes and trains developed by Kiloo developers. Subway surfer also become top most download game after temple run. In subway police officer and his dog running to catch boy and you can shift from track to track and run over the trains and collect coins with different power like Magnate, Jetpack, mystery box and much more. Graphically subway surfer is colorful. Subway surfer have same concept in all its version with little bit chances and in every version they shift game from one city to another. Overall performance of Subway is best.

3. JetPack Joyride

Jetpack joyride is very interesting and electronic equipment based endless runner game develop by HalfBrick Studios. In Jetpack, Barry is free runner character who breaks and enter in the laboratory  and start running forward. In between there are many dangerous situations like missiles, lasers with different levels and collecting coins. Jetpack is interesting game and i personally like it most. Graphically its not so impressive but its mission and features are amazing. So don't forget to download and enjoy it.

4. Agent Dash

Agent Dash is designed and based on Bond like avatar. in this games atmosphere is created like secret mission and graphically looks like Disney effects. In this game Agent has to complete challenges and run as far as possible. It has different situation which includes falling trees, skidding trucks, laser beams and much more.

5. Rail Rush

Rail Rush is based on moving rail in underground mines developed by Rail rush is also amazing with different challenges and collecting gold and score more points. Rail rush also include different characters and much more. In rail rush you have just run the rail on tracks and crossing all barriers without falling down.

6. Despicable Me: Minion Rush

Another beautiful game with yellowish effects and free runner just to collect more and more bananas. Graphically this game is best and having 3D effects. The main aim is just to collect more bananas and upgrade weapons and power up an score more as possible. Boss fights is also included in this game.

These are some best endless non stop running games. There and many famous available in the market like Run like hell and much more games based on running concept. I hope you enjoy playing these games and don't forget to share with other also.

Friday, 4 April 2014


Create Free Instant Personal Web Page or Portfolio

In these days it becomes trend of creating Online Portfolio or single instant web page where all the details are listed about individual or even about corporate. These instant web pages work like a charm also help to gain and attract some clients for business.But instant personal web pages are not just a part business also some common user develop for their personal interest and Make web portfolio type web page where they list all of there interest, lifestyle, biography just to impress others. 
But if you any kind of business then its necessary to make your personal portfolio which clear cuts  yourself and make better vision to understand your personally. These web pages also help to makes good impression and increase your clients trust on you. So if you have never think about this and want to create then it does not required any skillful knowledge about development. Many online services provide it for free in the same as i earlier discuss about free website development

Must Check:- Create Free Instant Website For Free

Now here few Network where you can easily create your Instant Portfolio or personal web page. These services does not requires any development knowledge.

About.Me is now most popular platform for personal homepage. is easy to join and also easy to develop. The most important thing on is their provide unique own choice username name which is also SEO friendly and help to gain some visitor from search result if someone search for your name. To create your instant homepage on simply use their drag and drop tools and add your personal or business details as well and give better look as much as you can. fully customizable you can edit and change anything which you want on your page. You can also able to set custom domain name on your personal web Page. is also famous and easy to use. In this you can easily customize your homepage layout. You can easily organize content of your own choice and also able to give visual effects to content. In you can attached up to 5 social networks in free account. But in there premium account they provides unlimited services which includes multiple designs, Mobile optimization view, Contact us form for your visitors.


The main best part about dooid is here you can create your own name choice domain name. Dooid also provides responsive layout that means your personal web page is easily optimize with desktop, tablet and mobile view. In dooid personal web page you can contact 10 other social or web services in free account.

Follr is little bit different from others according to there services. In Follr you can create your personal virtual visiting card. In which you can add up all the details. In this virtual visiting card you also add social networks. They also provide automatic update facility from social networks

These some few networks where you can easily create free instant personal website or portfolio with any developing skills. So if want to create at more network go and search it for all. If you already created then its good and also share your ideas which you like most.

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